Working Border Collies

An effective stockdog can be one of the best tools a livestock producer ever owns. Whether you are working sheep, goats or cattle we can help you and your dog to work effectively together. We offer:

  • Custom Training of Your Dog
  • Clinics
  • Stud Service
  • Occasional Pups
Good dogs start with good genetics and good training cultivates a good pedigree. Be sure to research carefully before you purchase your stock dog. This will be a working partner for you for many years. If you start with a pup, be sure that both parents work.

Good socialization is another key to training success. Be sure to expose your stock dog to as many varied situations as possible to help them take life on the farm or ranch and unusual situations in stride.
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Three Generations - Jill with her first BC and the one-year-old pup who is his grandson

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